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active  Topic # 40  Keyboard

09/10/2011 @ 13:58
by dearjohn


When I use the readln command, I can enter something at the graffiti-input area. Is it possible to use the onscreen keyboard as well? If so, there has to be a special command for this, because when the readln is waiting for an entry it ignores pressing the keyboard icon.

Regards, Reinhard.

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Answer n 1
11/10/2011 @ 09:40
by Philippe


On my TX, hit the 'abc' or '123' switch from graffiti to keyboard while waiting for readln input. But it is true that icons in the graffiti area are not managed in the input waiting loop.
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Answer n 2
11/10/2011 @ 14:52
by DearJohn


Exactly that's what I meant: With my Tungsten E at a readln input, pressing 'abc' or '123' does only a tweet, NO switching to the keyboard. Though, everything I write in the graffiti area is taken properly by the readln command. But keyboard would be more comfortable.

So, what is the difference between TX and E? Is it the architecture or an additional pascal command you are using for bind in the keyboard.

Regards. Reinhard.

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Answer n 3
11/10/2011 @ 15:24
by Philippe


The readln procedure calls a function in the shared library StdioLib to get the next hit character. The same code runs on TX and TE. There is no additional command. Probably TX and TE do not behave similarly s
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Answer n 4
12/10/2011 @ 14:19
by DearJohn


Maybe you have another StdioLib version? Mine is 2.16 from 12/07/05. k
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Answer n 5
12/10/2011 @ 21:15
by Philippe


I have no more recent version confused
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