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Tutorials - PP for the real newbie
PP for the real newbie (PDF file, 437 Ko)

The objectives of this tutorial are to be able to install PP and a few additional needed software, write a program, run it and even trick it a little bit so as to feel much more confident than a basic newbie would do.


Creation date : 20/01/2009 @ 23:22
Last update : 21/01/2009 @ 00:13
Category : Tutorials

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Reaction #6 

by wikiwify 05/09/2014 @ 08:22

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Reaction #5 

by coaster 26/06/2014 @ 11:51

Having been studied the PP for years, I could not finish with the studies . I still find problems with the software installation and up gradation of the same. I think that with the help of your article I can manage to learn more.
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Reaction #4 

by lafseo 27/12/2013 @ 12:37

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Reaction #3 

by roegi 23/05/2010 @ 22:54

found it here

(search for "t'catalog palm" instead of "tom's catalog")

Reaction #2 

by Nathan 25/04/2010 @ 14:53

I'm in trouble to find Toms'Catalog too... d
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