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home.gifWelcome to PPCOMPILER

PP is a freeware standard Pascal compiler for PalmOS that runs directly on the handheld. PP generates true native 68000 and ARM executable code from standard Pascal source code. Console applications, standard Palm applications, shared libraries, DA's, armlets may be generated on board in the train, while waiting the bus, while fishing, on the beach, or wherever you are.
An Android version Pépé le compiler is now available. For the moment, it only allows to develop console applications.

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news.gifThe 5 last news

 A new version 1.10 has been posted on Google Play, and I hope it improves the user interface:
- dialog box when execution completes with possibility to return to the editor
- case insensitive extensions .pas, .p and .pp are allowed as source file
- all file are editables, e.g. *.inc.
- files sorted

 Minor bub fix in the user interface.
Add contextual menu to rename a file.

 The interface has been translated in French and in Spanish. Thanks to morti667!
For the moment, it only concerns the interface. The error messages from the compiler are not yet translated.

 Version 1.06

Pepe1.gifPépé le manual - by Philippe 11/06/2011 @ 18:45

 Pépé le manual has been updated.


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