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active  Topic # 29  Sample Programs

31/05/2011 @ 22:32
by ferrels


Great work Phillipe.  I really like the compiler.  Do you have any sample programs that we may download.  Will the compiler support and graphics modes in the future?  Thanks.
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Answer n° 1
01/06/2011 @ 08:35
by Philippe


Thank you Ferrels !Sample programs are now available in the download section.The 'hanoi.pas' demo does not work properly for the moment due to a bug in the gotoxy procedure. Work is in progress winkIndeed, one of the plan in the future is to try to have access to the Android API, in particular graphics mode. All informations on the way to do this is welcome.
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Answer n° 2
01/06/2011 @ 19:41
by ferrels


Thanks very much for the sample programs.  Great stuff!  I look forward to seeing further development, especially access to the Android API.  Your compiler has a lot of potential and I'm no fan of Java.  Keep up the good work.
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