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active  Topic # 717  I just enjoy being QB or RB

14/12/2019 @ 04:19
by MMOexpshop


I prefer it still because I despise running with receivers, playing defense, etc. I just enjoy being QB or RB, so that it works out for me. However, most will eventually get bored with the manner faster than MyCareer, because there's so much more to Madden match in MyCareer. Madden still needs some work, but I do appreciate that they are trying. I'm still holding out hope for pick up games on the internet with like 4v4's or 6v6's Backyard Football style.

If nothing else Madden game plays much more easily compared to stuttery mess it had been last year.Even although r/games hates it, there were also a lot of quality of lifestyle changes in MUT. Having the ability to go into another challenge in a series makes performing solos much quicker (reducing the amount of load screens from 2 to 1) and the celebrity system makes solos a whole lot more challenging and enjoyable. It's still clear that they reused most of the shit from last year tho as is made evident by the fact that a lot of the same bugs are found. Along with the computer port undoubtedly needs love. Overall, I was impressed compared to madden 19 tho.

I skipped Madden 18, but the issue is that the same old legacy glitches and bugs still exist which date back to Madden 25 (AI has lousy pursuit angles, pass coverage, handle animations will not play, and a good deal more). I'm interested if they actually do possess rights that are exclusive or not. Because most of the main sports have a couple of distinct games on a few distinct platforms, but only one chief"realistic sports sim" or anything you want to call these games.

So maybe it's just that no additional companies wish to devote the money to pay for the rights and create a similar style of game whenever there is already an established franchise on the market for any given sport.Because the opposite would also be authentic. They would get a whole lot of crap games that are absolute which would not be a great ad for them. They are not interested in a lot of better games. That's not their concern. Madden is a decent to good game which represents their sport in a way they believe is acceptable and gets a big enough Madden playerbase for it to function as marketing tool they desire.
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