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actif  Sujet n° 624  Dolphins last in AFC East in fan confidence

le 21/01/2019 @ 02:55
par douhua2233


Dolphins last in AFC East in fan confidence It has not been a pretty two weeks around the Miami Dolphins [url=]Youth Laremy Tunsil Jersey[/url] , with a blowout loss to the New England Patriots being backed up with a late-game collapse from the Dolphins as they let a 17-0 le[url=][img] ike_dolphins_296.jpg[/img][/url] ad become a 27-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. It was rough watching those games, and the fans’ confidence in the direction of team is plummeting with those losses.Once the top team in the AFC East, two weeks later, the fans have Miami looking up at the rest of the teams in the division. This week, the Fan Pulse confidence poll for the Dolphins fell another 21 percent, down to just 34 percent of the fans responding that they are confident in the direction of the team.Sign up HERE to take our weekly Dolphins survey.Around the rest of the division, the fans of the New England Patriots saw their confidence rise two points, up to 75 percent overall. The New York Jets saw a huge jump, up 36 points, to 48 percent of the fans being confident. The Buffalo Bills saw a 13 point rise, up to 45 percent of the fans confident in the direction of the team.At least the Dolphins are not the Denver Broncos [url=]Womens Jakeem Grant Jersey[/url] , who saw their fans’ confidence drop 33 percentage points, down to just 4 percent of the fans confident in the direction of the team.Also below Miami’s 34 percent confidence rating are the Green Bay Packers (30 percent), the Houston Texans (28 percent), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28 percent), the Oakland Raiders (19 percent), the Atlanta Falcons (19 percent), the Arizona Cardinals (18 percent), and the Dallas Cowboys (5 percent).The Dolphins are the only team in that group with a record above .500.Can beating the Chicago Bears (96 percent fan confidence) get the Dolphins - and the fans’ confidence in the Dolphins - back on track? A man doesn’t earn a nickname like Mr. Brocktober without having a certain swagger about him.So even though his past results might not necessarily suggest future dividends for the Dolphins, quarterback-for-the-moment Brock Osweiler said nothing that’s happening now is a surprise to him.鈥淢y confidence will never waver,鈥?Osweiler said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 something that鈥檚 just natural in me. That鈥檚 something that鈥檚 built over the years. Shoot [url=] hentic[/url] , you saw it on Sunday. Sometimes you鈥檒l throw interceptions. How do you bounce back?鈥漇unday, it was with two long touchdown passes, part of his 380 yards to lead the Dolphins to a surprising overtime win in the place of injured starter Ryan Tannehill. And with Tannehill possibly missing more games (he’s already ruled out this week), the Dolphins need a steady hand on the wheel.Osweiler has seen it all in his short career, having been a high pick, the heir apparent, the highly paid free agent and the guy people paid millions to get rid of. So being a temp isn’t going to rattle him.鈥淚 would say that none it is surprises me,鈥?Osweiler said. 鈥淚 think, first and foremost as an athlete 鈥?and no offense to anyone in this room 鈥?but we need to put on earmuffs if you will and drown out all the outside noise. The only thing that matters is your belief in yourself and the belief that your teammates and coaches have in you. Other than that, nothing really matters.鈥淭hroughout my entire career, I鈥檝e always believed in who I was as a quarterback [url=]Womens Frank Gore Jersey[/url] , as a person, as a leader. None of this takes me by surprise.鈥漌hile Osweiler might not have turned out the way John Elway would have hoped for (And that never happens with Elway and quarterbacks, eyeroll emoji), or the Texans would have hoped for, or the Broncos in his second stint, the early returns in Miami are good.If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Brocky can take a punch.

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