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actif  Sujet n° 672  any times, we laugh

le 17/05/2019 @ 04:30
par ylq


Many times, we laugh in the crowd, but the heart is lonely. The pressure of real life hides our ideals when we were young. The poetry and the distant place are like an ethereal castle in the air. The long night, the soul wanders in the boundless desert. There is a breath of fireworks in the world, swaying in the lonely circle of dream friends, a well-known floral artist wrote this sentence: wake up one morning, barely looking through the circle of friends, and did not find much nutritious things. I am dumbfounded, secretly: Why do you want to write a naked body? There are scenes and emotions. Elegant things in the face of the world, appear different and out of place, not grounded, no popularity. The spring and white snow, the soapy dazzling color, is broken. And the pure land in the depths of our hearts has not been reopened Marlboro Red. Occasionally, the rest is calm. On the night of Langyuexing, the romance of the moon and the water is quiet, and the nutritious things are collected so quietly. I saw a friend��s head is a delicate little girl. Check out his circle of friends, only the ten articles displayed have my favorite music, something I feel nutritious, decisively added as a friend. I am convinced that a person's character is like a person, and the text is like a person. The article is like a person, and the music is like a person. Learn the essence in the article, relax yourself in the music, and find peace in the line of books. Later, in the dialogue, I gained a new understanding of life Cigarettes Online, a new understanding of reality, and a new understanding of human nature. A kind of confusion, a kind of jealousy, a helplessness, a humble, released in the text. The heart has something to do, the feelings have sent such a kind of good friend, there is no interest dispute, no emotional involvement, just the shining light in the lonely soul. Just like the elegant floral fragrance Marlboro Lights, and the green leaves and oils after the rain, the silk is refreshing, and it is attached to each nerve of your body for one day. The distance is far from the line of the soul. A cherished, a good saying, life changed a look. Boil the word for the mind, the soul is fragrant. Loneliness and jealousy are filled with our world, swaying our lives and collecting ��cherished treasures��. May the years be innocent, you open a chapter of your life Xinhuacai, I use the words ink to dye the dreams of the depths of time Carton Of Cigarettes, a memory of an article on the road Marlboro Cigarettes, in the quiet and deep night, in the heart of the flowers. Grateful for the grace of the years. Feelings of deep, warm and thin words, inherited the strong feelings of mentor and friend. The lights are smashing, picking up the fragrance of friendship. Along the way, the home is in the warmest window of Wanjia. The flow of years is like water, and the friendship is long. The most beautiful scenery on the road
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