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ppCompiler [FR] - ppCompiler [FR]

actif  Sujet n° 716  OSRS in addition to other popular MMOs

le 14/12/2019 @ 03:58
par MMOexpshop


I had been and still kind I'm excited about the notion of such a basic facet of the runescape game being updated as that RS gold is the type of change I truly think RuneScape needs for long term longevity and has been mostly ignored (with the exception of bank rework, that has been amazing and that I very much value ), but this seems like a half measure which may not be worth the trouble and could backfire when folks learn that it isn't likely to help PvM in any way.

Please think about either delaying these adjustments until they could be made in a way that will benefit PvM, or saying what you have mentioned here more explicitly in a way that more of the community will see so that there won't be a lot of disappointment and outrage and crab emojis once it gets released and falls short of individuals' hopes and expectations. But I really do think you may be making a community relations mistake here and strongly encourage you to think about the way you are executing and advertising this change and if it might backfire if you stick with the current strategy.

Please for the love of god believe them if they say that they don't know if these features are even possible. They will need to spend some time designing and researching and planning and trying to foresee and test problems around these highly experimental features and at the worst (but really very possible) case it will lead to the response that no it is not possible (or not feasible more likely as they'd want to do something like rewrite the runescape game from the ground up and suspend all new attributes for decades ). When folks get hyped about that and Jagex sees that as a permit to perform this highly experimental perform runescape gamers will need to value this could mean less resources put on more reliable upgrades (something runescape players are already complaining about) plus a risk it just will not work.

Personally I am all in for this trade-off but I can just see reddit whining in 6 months or following RuneFest or anything and faster-ticks getting the new bank-rework meme.As someone who quit playing RS but nevertheless plays OSRS in addition to other popular MMOs to buy runescape 3 gold I can't stress enough how important the quicker tick rate is for your own game. The responsiveness of your sport and the UI are the biggest reasons I refuse to play with it with actions bar style battle. There is not any additional"better" upgrade. Responsive gameplay makes great games people are willing to spend money on.
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