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actif  Sujet n° 745  If RuneScape was neighborhood it would

le 19/05/2020 @ 06:45
par ningling2016


Wilderness, Bosses currently use many fashions (again safespots) and also have protec prayers, these prayers will lower hurt by 1/2 and switch to [url=]Osrs gold[/url] what the player is using (crystal hunleaf style) this will make the bosses more difficult, but also, lowering their shield stats while performing so can make it easier when you're paying attention. Social... idk if it's a solo game it's hard to produce social. Things to consider: Gold: high Alc is only gold making process you may be accustomed to this if you've done Ironman but nevertheless.

Oriana change (however you spell it): is currently useless. Too many mobs for quick path xp elsewhere with slow path. World hopping longer something. Doesn't seem poor but have you ever tried purchasing sand with just one world? Risk: risk is no more. This could be fixed by adding back death timers that were old, or perhaps lose everything on death. Sure there is more I didn't think of. But that of my ideas.

What could you do to fight botting? If RuneScape is performed offline, you'd never be able to grab a bot. Wouldnt everyone bot? Whether folks wanted to cheat in one player aspect, would it matter? But I suppose jagex can still implement their bot banning technology. Remember there is no market for almost any robots to effect, other then maybe substantial scores or something.

If RuneScape was neighborhood it would be [url=]Buy Runescape gold[/url] impossible to stop cheaters, which isn't all that bad since it doesn't affect anyone else's game. You also can kind of do this already by keeping it local if that is what you believe and setting up a private server? Such as the idea of a jagex official variant though.
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