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active  Topic # 12  Multi-segmenting

29/04/2009 @ 20:27
by jms


I am writing a large application for my Palm running OS 5.2.8 and I am worried that I will run out of available memory. So far, the GUI uses about 20k (using Lychee routines). What is the largest program that memory can hold? Is multi-segmenting possible? If so, how do you link the programs and does mult-segmenting have a maximum amount of total memory for the total of all the programs that you link?


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Answer n° 1
01/05/2009 @ 13:45
by Philippe


The maximum size of the data segment is 32k, and this data segment is shared by all the code segment of the application. This is mandatory due to the dynamic link mechanism of multi segment.
Il you need more memory, you may just declare pointer in the data segment and initialize them with dynamic memory allocation.
Bird is an example of a huge multisegment application proprammed with PP. You may have a look to the source code, it is available.
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