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actif  Sujet n° 14  I can't use the HotSync!

le 23/07/2009 @ 14:28
par Ximpxon


I load the files using the Palm Quick Install, but when I try to use the HotSync to send them to my T|X, the process is automatically canceled. What is happening??


ASA Gigante!!!

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Réponse n° 1
le 24/08/2009 @ 01:17
par gerzaca



Hi i'm cant tell your better than...

... your need an extra help in many cases Teal Doc solves the problem in this program you need also add an text file type in the main menu and assign a newextension for example: .exe, .PAS, and a lot of more

excuse my bad english confused ok.

Other posible solution it's install the *.pas files on to your sd card, and when you at it copy these files to the handled memory in this case I use resco explorer whit this program you can get "install" or copy the text files from your card to you handled


ok. my vocabulary it's very small jaja but I wait you can get install your files

Muchos esfuersos y que logres lo que quieres !!! Gersom Zavala

Yo hablo español perdon a las discrepancias

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