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active  Topic # 19  wave sounds in resource editor

07/02/2010 @ 14:51
by chrs


Hi everybody.

My question is as simple as the heading tells...Is there a possibility to include .wav soundfiles as a resource with BIRD?
Im trying to write a programm for my palm where a certain wave sound is played if a button is pressed. So I started off by using onboardC with BIRD. I made an simple form with a button. As action in the .c file I tried to use the PalmAPI function "sndPlayResource" knowledge is a bit limited in terms of the details of palm programming, but I found out, that the wave file i`d like to play have to be "converted" in a resource to get called by the function. But how can I get the wave file in my .rsrc file(I didn`t found anything in the "new"-di9alog of BIRD)?
A second hint I found was to use "pilrc" resource compiler to make a resource (.bin file) of my sound...that worked well, but I don`t have a clue how to call the .bin file with the "sndPlayResource" function...

So if anybody has a suggestion how to get resources from wave files primarily by using BIRD, please post them. Any help or hint is appreciated! e

cheers chrs
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Answer n 1
10/02/2010 @ 15:32
by Philippe


Pehaps this works :
1- create a resource database with one resource of type WAVE, of the suitable size by using the new/generic popup in BIRD
2- synchronize
3- replace the data that follow the header of the prc file in the backup directory with the data of the .wav file.
4- re-synchronise.
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Answer n 2
12/02/2010 @ 22:25
by aldweb



Using PilrC, here is how to do it.

In Notepad, create MyWave.rsrc

DATA "WAVE" ID 1 "MyWave.wav"

In DOS box, type

> pilrc -ro -type Rsrc -creator LDIB -name MyWave.rsrc MyWave.rcp
> ren MyWave.rsrc.prc

Synchronize MyWave.rsrc.prc and that's done.

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