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active  Topic # 50  Executable

17/08/2012 @ 14:59
by ukimiku


Hi all,

I am new to this forum and have two questions:

1) How can one run the executable file produced by Pepe from within another folder in the Android file system? I would like to take the executable, put it into another folder and run it there.

Do I have to set permissions for the folder/and or the executable?

2) How can I pass parameters to the executable when calling it?

Thank you.

Rectified by ukimiku 17/08/2012 @ 15:00
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Answer n° 1
19/08/2012 @ 22:11
by palmipod


Hi, i post response for Philippe (a little problem with his account)
Hi, welcome on this forum,
1) The executable file generated by Pépé needs a loader to beexecuted. The loader in included in the Pépé application. To myknowledge, the only executable memory area available for an application is its own internal storage area. It is easy to modifyPépé in order to call from any folder by copying the executable codein the internal storage.I have some idea to generate standalone applications by including the execution console and the loader in the apk file.
2) For the moment, there is no way to call an executable from acommand line command. To allow parameters to a program need abash-style console.Regards


Rectifié par palmipod le 19/08/2012 @ 22:13
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Answer n° 2
02/09/2012 @ 01:47
by ukimiku


Hi Phillippe,

thank you for responding.

Can I modify the exe file generated by Pepe so I can move it and put it into another folder (internal storage of an app of mine) and call it there/distribute it with my app and call it after installation of my app on the user's phone?

I will wait patiently for your apk console/loader idea to come true. It sounds great, as I enjoy programming in Pepe a lot.

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Answer n° 3
03/09/2012 @ 10:26
by Philippe


Hi,For the moment, an exe file needs the Pépé application to be run. It cannot be redistributed as stand alone application.It can only be run from the internal storage of the Pépé application. It can be modified to run exe files from any folder by doing a temporary copy of the file in internal storage. But this is not yet possible with the current version.This limitation is due to the protection from the Android system. As I have tested, an application cannot allocate executable memory outside of its own internal storage area.
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