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active  Topic # 52  Console input troubles

13/09/2012 @ 15:20
by DARodrigues


Hello!  For starters, thank you for the effort of porting this.  I was a fan back in the days I had a palm, and I can't express how useful it is to have a console mode compiler or interpreter for those quick and dirty calculations.n

I have started playing with it on my Galaxy Nexus (Jellybean 4.1.1), but any time I get to a read or readln, the return key seems to do nothing, and I am unable to finish editing the variable and the program stays stuck.  I experimented with the code "CharTypedVariable:=input^; get(input);" and this method seems to work, even when I hit the return key.  By examining ord(CharTypedVariable) above, I was able to determine that my return key returns me an ASCII character code of 13; Pépé le Manual mentions the end-of-line character is ASCII character code 10.  I believe this may be the reason why the return key won't end the read session.  Is there a way to tell the compiler to also end a line on chr(13), in particular ?  Right now, I am implementing a bunch of complex functions and procedures to do what I should by rights be doing with a single instruction.
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Answer n° 1
14/09/2012 @ 15:23
by Philippe


I will try to fix this issue. Thanks for the report.
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Answer n° 2
17/09/2012 @ 09:37
by Philippe


The version 1.09 uploaded is supposed to fix the problem.
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