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active  Topic # 60  Where does the compiled code go?

30/04/2013 @ 16:47
by howardb1


My first programming language is UCSD Pascal, so when I saw this I downloaded it.  Pretty good!As a test I wrote the traditional hello word program, built it, and ran it,  and now I want to save space on my tablet and delete any output files created by the build, but I can't find any.  Please tell me where the file is, if there is one.Thank you,Ron
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Answer n° 1
14/05/2013 @ 22:36
by Philippe


There are two storage areas : internal and external. Files built by the compiler are in the internal storage area. In the main menu, hit "store" and choose "internal". A list of created files appears with ".exe" extension. You can delete any of these files by a long hit on the file name and choose "delete".
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