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 A new version 1.10 has been posted on Google Play, and I hope it improves the user interface:
- dialog box when execution completes with possibility to return to the editor
- case insensitive extensions .pas, .p and .pp are allowed as source file
- all file are editables, e.g. *.inc.
- files sorted

 Minor bub fix in the user interface.
Add contextual menu to rename a file.

 The interface has been translated in French and in Spanish. Thanks to morti667!
For the moment, it only concerns the interface. The error messages from the compiler are not yet translated.

Pepe1.gifPépé le manual - by Philippe 11/06/2011 @ 18:45

 Pépé le manual has been updated.

 This update fixes some bugs on the console.

 A Pépé le compiler documentation is available in the download section. Please note that this document is not finished.
Moreover, the application will soon be published on the android market.

 The compiler has been adapted for the android plateform. The features are almost the same as those of the latest version of NaPP. It allows onboard compiling and generates native ARM code.
The application "pepe.apk" is available in the download zone "Pépé le compiler".
The project is open source and you will find the repository here :
and the wiki there :
Happy coding.

Philippe Guillot

cadeau.gif2009 will be another year... - by aldweb 30/12/2008 @ 22:35

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately, all content on PPCompiler has been lost since my all my latest daily backups were corrupted.

Thanks to Google's cache, I just succeeded to recover the following pages:

So, dear PP community, if any of you had by chance made a local copy of the website's content or if any of you volunteered to revive some content on the PPCompiler website, we would be more than happy to receive an e-mail from you.


Oups ! He dit it again - by palmipod 30/11/2008 @ 10:10

Hi ! As you have seen, pp website was down. Next, the webmaster was totally drunk wink, we have lost all the datas (corrupted backup files). Never mind, we are going to start again ! Be patients ! Soon "downloads" again, i hope we'll be able to retrieve some documents ... Forums are already open. Sorry for that, but PP is back !!! biggrin

@+ (and sorry for my english)


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